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My name is Sharron levy.

I was born in Israel, I grew up in Israel and England and have been living in Austria since 2010.

I started playing musical instruments at school at the age of 11, learning piano and drums
At the age of 15 I taught my self to play the guitar and wrote my first song within the first 6 months.

At the age of 16 I started singing. I wanted to sing along to the chords that I had learnt on the guitar and play my favourite songs.

Age  17 I joined my first band as a drummer, we never made it out of the garage or had a band name but we had a lot of fun.

Age  19 I went on to study music production  where I learnt the basics of song writing and recording. Working in the control room of a recording studio. Learning and understanding what is music, how is it made and how to capture it best.

At the age of 21 I auditioned for a band who were looking for a singer. I got the part and that is when I joined One Drop. 

A year later I left One Drop and formed my own band Super Massive Object this is where I started to play rock and write my own songs to perform live.

After Super Massive Object I was with the three piece band Captive Audio where I was the singer and guitarist, we played progressive rock all over the UK  and this is where I really polished my guitar skills.

In 2011 I took part in the TV show The Voice of Germany and reached the semi final in team Nena.

Nena releases my debut album Rough_Ready under her own independent record label Laugh & Peas. Nena also invited me and my band to be her support band  on tour performing 30 shows in total across Germany,  Austria and Switzerland.

What I am about

I call my self a performer,  singer-songwriter and rocker.

I believe we never stop learning and improving. There is always something new out there to experience and this is exactly what my life goal is: To experience, to learn and to enjoy. 

Music has taken me to many places, physically and emotionally and I am forever grateful for that.

Playing music is not a gift, it's a passion and a skill, it's something that everyone can learn and make their own. There are no mistakes in music.

Which is why I decided to start,  start - music. I meet people every day who ask me so many questions and how they wanted to play a musical instrument but never did. 


If I can help you get started or unstuck from where you got to, then I am doing my job well.

Get in touch, there's no time like the present.


My Music Journey

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